The University of Nantes and IFREMER are pleased to offer an international summer school on the topic of  "Microalgae and shellfish ecology in coastal areas" within the framework of the regional project COSELMAR. This event will take place in Nantes from the 1st to the 4th of September 2015.

Target students:

The school is open to all PhD students, Post-docs and Master 2 students, with participation limited to 20 students whose research fields are related to the subject matter of the school. All teaching will be done in English and we wish a diversified international audience. Travel and accommodation will be paid by the project COSELMAR for the selected participants.

School format:

The school consist 3 full teaching days and one field trip day. Each teaching day will include a morning of lectures and an afternoon of hands-on workshops. The lectures will be delivered by invited  experts covering  a wide background of disciplines and providing a multidisciplinary learning environment. The workshops will cover the main techniques used by the lecturers and will be carried out in the laboratories of the University of Nantes and IFREMER facilities. 

Course structure:

Day 1 - Toxic microalgae

Day 2 - Microalgae costal biofilms

Day 3 - Microalgae and interactions with aquaculture

Some of the techniques and methodologies that will be addressed include: sediment sampling for pigment analysis; HLPC pigment analysis; spectral reflectance analysis of natural microphytobenthic biofilms and microalgae cultures; PAM fluorescence; macro fauna and meio fauna sampling


Student matriculation: 15/05/2015

Date to communicate the selection: 01/06/2015

We are now accepting applications for the 2015 summer school. Please apply through this application form (a CV and a cover letter are required) :

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